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AHMEV Delhi North

"Inspired from the Bhagwat Gita, Ahmev in Sanskrit means “believing you are everything”. It is about all of us finding ourselves in this path of life, our souls, to feel, see, and experience a divine quality. Ahmev taps into that sense of poise, beauty, and freedom that so compliments the female spirit, whose distinctive style is an expression of their individuality. Our pieces are created for you, to empower, cherish and bring that vivacious and expressive spirit to life.

Our timeless style are thoughtfully sourced and crafted by artisans, underpinning the luxury contemporary design aesthetic of the brand. Each piece is made with integrity and gentleness, created from the finest materials. The curated designs adorns beautiful minimalistic embroidery and detailing, to proudly illustrate the rich cultural heritage of India. The resulting ensemble captures the perfect balance between classic and modern, cultural and universal, sprightly yet elegant.

In Ahmev, You will discover a ready-to-wear collection sculpted to be the perfect fit with effortless silhouettes, memorable design and craftmanship that celebrate the feminine figure. Ahmev is forged on the pillars of purity and simplicity that captures the very quintessence of the passionate spirit within us.

Founded by Kanchan Sharma, Anchal Srivastava, and Manish Garg the inspiration to establish the label came from the desire to amalgamate their individual talents, abilities and dreams into a single shared vision: to build a brand offering understated tailoring and timeless staples."