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Suit hanger bent - Set of 12 pcs
Unisex Beige Hanger
INR 5,760

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This beautiful hanger is carved out of a bamboo cylinder specially for suits. Each hanger features a minimalist zen styling and has a solid brass hook. The silhouette is carefully designed so that blazers and coats hang well. The cross member is perfect for your matching trousers. The optional little notched dowel at the end fits a silicon rope (not included) which keeps the trousers in place.

Material Care

1. Treat bamboo like you would wood. Do not leave in rain or harsh sunlight: over balconies and outdoor sit-outs are fine.
2. Cracking of bamboo is completely normal as it is a natural material, however, it won't impact the structural integrity.
3. The colour of the rope may vary since we use upcycled textile ropes
4. We are happy to freshen up your piece in terms of refinishing and reweaving for as long as you have it on request.

How It's Made

At Rhizome, we’ve been working at making the idea of sustainability sustainable through design since 2009. We go beyond sustainable design, to designing the possibility of sustainability and a better world.

We believe that sustainability needs to be looked at holistically and across disciplines to actually begin to be mainstreamed. This is why we work at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability, and go beyond eco-design to looking at sustainability holistically. We look at social, economic and cultural sustainability alongside the ecological factor because we believe that everything is interconnected and that everything counts.

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