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Ourbetterplanet comprises of a team of folks from different walks of life, with varied experiences, with different inclinations but with a unified thought process towards adopting eco-friendly and sustainable business practises. Our brainstorming sessions about category selection, vendor collaborations and product associations always ended on a common note and that was about how these goods were being delivered to the customer. From the start the emphasis was on making sure that no resources were being wasted and that we work with recyclable and biodegradable packaging options, fewer returns and hence lesser clutter.


Hence started the education wherein we started looking out for such available options, it wasn't an easy ride as there aren't many options available in the market for the same, every vendor conversation this was discussed, and we quickly figured that this was a rather systemic issue and there were many like us who were keen to move towards lesser and better packaging options but didn't know how to. We decided to take everybody on board and approach the few suppliers who were indeed producing such packaging. After much R&D and conversations we zeroed down on a couple. The next issue was the carbon footprint that the shipping of such shipping supply would create to each of our vendors in different parts of the country and we hit a roadblock again.

Luckily, we chanced upon a sustainable shipping supply aggregator and we were instantly onboard with the concept, the idea was to connect our vendors with the closest supplier so that the shipping is minimal, this was a breakthrough for us and our vendor partners, they instantly gravitated towards the concept and hence we were able to conclude our search for sustainable supplies. We aim to keep our packaging minimum unless we are shipping breakable items, the idea is to keep the shipping cost at a minimum and to be able to recycle it completely or it to be totally compostable/ biodegradable.


Our product listings are clear and simple with all relevant details so that a customer can make an informed decision about a purchase, the vendor partner details are evident in case they have questions about quality, the customer desk is fully equipped to answer product and process specific questions, we are all ears to your suggestions if something is amiss and hence our product returns are structured to keep them at a minimum. This helps us tremendously by not adding to the carbon footprint a return generates along with the packaging waste.

In the bigger picture these are the smaller steps that Ourbetterplanet is taking to ensure we don't add to the clutter and get your purchase to you with minimum impact to the environment and in the safest way possible.