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Hemp Canvas - Burlap Tote
Bag Green Tote
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Fabric: Burlap X Hemp

Color Variations: Green

Description: A canvas tote bag. Perfect for your everyday use. The rugged fabrics look vibrant on the outside and make sure that everything inside stays protected.

Material Care

a. Do not wash
b. Do not use bleach or chlorine
c. Do not tumble dry
d. Do not scrub
e. Only dryclean

How It's Made

Crafted in-house by local artisans using only natural materials. We ensure that our colors are azo-free, our fibers are natural and no fabric is wasted during the production process. All remaining fabrics (katran) are collected and upcycled by our team after every production run.

Hemp’s contribution to Slow fashion is by helping reinvent the industry. Hemp products last for years and get better and softer after each wash/use. If we think about the durability of Hemp products it has ultimately reduced the need of buying a new product. The best way to contribute toward slow fashion is not only by buying organic, but it also means buying less. If a product lasts for 5 years and the quality does not decrease, it has not only reduced your demand for garments but has also reduced the total carbon footprint. Even if hemp products are discarded/damaged and end up in a landfill Hemps products are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Made in collaboration with theburlappeople, using recycled leather and burlap in combination with hemp.

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