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Our Core Values

Our brand is built on three core values which we firmly believe in, the foremost being transparency of operations, it is the primary responsibility of a sustainable business to provide as much clarity as possible about the way they conduct their business, this also becomes a very important criteria when we evaluate our partners. The ability of a vendor partner to provide as much detail about their supply chain is criteria number one, the way a brand communicates their vision and mission and the commitment they exhibit in the efforts they make towards sustainability is an equally important criteria. We also engage with prospective partners and try to understand the conditions in which they work, the people/artisans they work with and the causes that are close to their heart, this gives us an understanding of the business and helps us believe in their processes more.

The second core value that we intinscally believe in is mindfulness and curation, our products are curated in a way that we can enable and encourage our customers to make an informed choice, be aware of the raw materials, production process, life of the product along with its end state to make an informed decision. We make sure that our packaging is minimal, returns are negligent and the packaging supplies that we use are sourced from local companies and are as quickly bio degradable and compostable as possible. We don't encourage use of single use plastic to be a part of any of our products and definitely engage with our partners to make sure that these pre conditions are met before they are on boarded.

Our third and close to the heart core value is the keenness to build a community of like minded businesses/individuals so that it is slightly easier to bring a change or if i may say so the need to change is more relatable. Every small step towards creating a positive impact matters and it needs to be appreciated, having a community that is together moving in the same direction provides one a place to share their experiences and learn from others. OBP intends to partner with businesses who believe in the same ideology and are keen enough to contribute to the community through knowledge sharing sessions, product workshops along with making the customer aware of his/her purchase.

Our Sustainability Standards

Our aims is to encourage a more mindful and aware shopping experience. We therefore make it easy for you to browse and shop for your favourite products by the impact they have on the environment, communities and the planet.


This mark stands for products that come from nature or are made using only natural materials. No artificial or harmful chemicals that can potentially harm the planet have been used. Also raw materials that are sourced locally, techniques that are developed in house all end up creating a positive impact.


The products in this category have been diligently made by the disabled. By choosing these, one can create an opportunity to support and transform the lives of this community. Supporting this cause gives every purchase a meaning and purpose which goes beyond just consumption.


The mark stands for products that are made using recycled materials that are recovered from waste and converted to usable new raw materials. It helps in creating a positive & sustainable impact on the planet. OBP partners with businesses who are keen on spreading information about the 3R's (Reduce, Refuse and Reuse) before Recycling.


Products that have been created by women, mostly from the rural and underprivileged communities. By supporting these products, we can give them a livelihood, self-respect and a smile. OBP realises that women are the pillars of a household and have the ability to keep it together, so making them financially independent is our motto.


These products are created uniquely by giving a new life to materials that would otherwise be termed as waste. By giving new life to these materials, we increase its usable life and have a positive environmental impact. OBP intends to work with preloved pieces and believes that their is a story behind every creation and the hand that created it.


Products that are carefully made by experienced artisans and people from various communities and walks of life, that have learnt their arts over a period of time. Handmade for you with love! We exclusively works with local craftsmen and encourage craftsmanship that is getting extinct. We also plan to hold workshops with these artisans to help them share their skillset with a larger audience.


Craftmark authenticates genuine hand-crafted processes from India. Established in 2006, Craftmark has developed a sector-wide, process-specific standards and norms for labeling a product as hand-crafted. The certification gives our customers the ability to buy a product with an assurance that it indeed is genuine. This is s step towards transparency and helps customers avoid greenwashing.


Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries.OBP makes sure that our partners ensure living wages, safe working conditions and other basic necessities for their workforce which helps make their life a little better.

How do we Walk the talk

As a sustainable business we are very mindful of our own impact and the way we are perceived by our partners, we are always aiming at setting the right example. We are a lean and close knit team that works in total awe of each other, we appreciate and understand each other's strengths and weaknesses and enable each other to do better each day.

We are in the process of identifying and supporting causes that either enable upskilling of artisans or reforestation of our eco systems. Another aspect that we are very particular about is our digital presence,we should be communicative and clear with an intention to educate the consumer and not confuse him.

A few things that we would like to take up once we are all ready to come together and work are:

  • 1) be amidst nature and have a workspace which enables you to appreciate it more each day.
  • 2) preserve and protect as much of the flora and fauna of the place we occupy along with encouraging others to do the same.
  • 3) have a planned waste management system in place.
  • 4) enable the team to adopt sustainability within their families.
  • 5) use eco friendly office supplies as much as possible.
  • 6) allow the flexibility of work from home for our employees to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • 7) conduct workshops and training sessions for the team to enable them to broaden their horizon.