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Bhoomi & Co Bio-Degradable Bamboo Baby Diapers 30 Count Large
Kids White & Natural Eco-friendly Disposable Diapers
INR 1,250

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Chemical Free Diapers for 6kgs to 10kgs kids- Contains no chlorine, no alcohol, no perfumes, no dyes, no latex, no phthalates

Odour-resistant and contains a high-quality superabsorbent material to lock moisture away and keep the surfaces dry

Triple strength side tabs, soft feel frontal tape and leak guards allow a perfect fit to prevent leakages. Also has a natural aloe liner and safe glue wetness indicator

Contains perforated bamboo fibre which allows fresh air to circulate and wicks moisture away quickly, making it silky against the baby's skin

Reduces the risk of diaper rash and other skin problems especially for babies with eczema and other skin allergies.

30 Count.

Material Care

How It's Made

Providing Bamboo diapers that are safe on the babies skin as they are made out of
entirely bamboo material which is much softer and is easily absorbent with a line indicator
The no chemical & natural Bamboo diapers used ensure the baby skin and health are not affected
and comfortable to wear for the baby.

• Bhoomi diapers have a top sheet and bottom sheet made from 100% bamboo fibres and contain
chlorine-free wood pulp from Finland.
• They do not contain any alcohol, perfumes or lotions, preservatives, latex, PVC, TBT, antioxidants,
phthalates or fluorescence so is also suitable for babies with sensitive skin.
• The outer beatable layer is based on GM-free maize starch, natural additives and biodegradable
polyester which is 100% biodegradable.
• The Conventional plastic outer sheet has been replaced with a biodegradable material made from
maize starch and cellulose finer both from natural materials. This material, whilst being watertight
also allows the nappy to breathe, resulting in an airier, dryer, cooler and more comfortable nappy.
• The degradation rate is 30% higher than standard nappy within 75days under controlled composting
conditions(ISO 14855-1-2012,tested by SGS).
• Bhoomi diapers choose bamboo fibres as the natural raw material, compared with normal nonwoven,
it contains a less chemical ingredient, ensure safety experience.
• Natural certified bamboo fibre is eco-friendly, soft to the touch, extremely strong & absorbent;
• Perforated bamboo fibre allows fresh air to circulate and locks away moisture quickly.
• Ultra-thin construction and flexible side panels give a non-bulky fit, enabling your baby to move
around freely.

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